Below is a selection of artwork that is currently available* at The Gallery. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these paintings. We ship worldwide.

Cathy Layzell - Swartberg Waterfall.  Oil on canvas 140cm x 140cm

Cathy Lazell - Black River Reflection. 100cm x 100cm

Bastiaan van Stenis - Sam. Mixed media on canvas 40.5cm  x 30.5 cm

Bastiaan van Stenis - Room 001. Oil on canvas 40.5cm x 30.5cm

Brett Shuman - Aloes. Oil on canvas 250cm x 150cm

Bastiaan van Stenis - Meeting the Crow. Mixed media on canvas

61cm x 46cm

Sam Brown - Kimono. Mixed media on canvas 110cm x 170cm

Jaco Benade - Portrait of a Boy #1. Oil on canvas 30cm x 30cm

Jaco Benade - Portrait of a Boy #2.  Oil on paper 40cm x 32,5cm

Pascale Chandler - Workhorse. Oil on canvas 120cm x 160cm

Pascale Chandler - Leap. Oil on canvas 150cm x 100cm

Philip Barlow - haze.  Oil on canvas 120cm x 80cm

*Disclaimer note:  We update this page regularly, however it may occur from time to time that a piece has just sold.